Verona is a rich city, full of attractions. Impossible to be bored by. Whatever it is your passion, you will find what’s right for you!

City Tours


Visit Verona joining one of the different proposals: either private or group tours, sightseeing bus or just a funny city train.


The staff at the reception desk will suggest the right option for you.

Museums - www.museiverona.com


Book your visit to the city museums and buy the Veronacard at the reception desk.

The real local cuisine



The oldest and most typical restaurants in the historic center are recognized under the brand name “Ristorante tipico di Verona” and identified by a logo. A stop not to be missed. Ask our staff.

What's on theatre? - https://www.veronasera.it/eventi/

Another experience during your holiday


 Wine and Food experience in Valpolicella e Soave

Are you a wine lover? In Verona, don't miss the Valpolicella and Soave areas. The Reception will be able to show you how to reach these characteristic areas, even with guided tours. 


  Around Verona

Not only Verona, but also in the neighboring territories there are plenty of places to visit: Lake Garda, Mantua, Vicenza, Padua and Venice. Organize your holiday with our staff.



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