“THERE IS NO WORLD WITHOUT VERONA WALLS, BUT PURGATORY, TORTURE, HELL ITSELF. HENCE BANISHED IS BANISH’D FROM THE WORLD, AND WORLD’S EXILE IS DEATH”. (Hors des murs de Vérone, le monde n'existe pas ; il n'y a que purgatoire, torture, enfer, même. Être banni d'ici, c'est être banni du monde, et cet exil-là, c'est la mort.)


With this words William Shakespeare intensely expresses the fascination and the striking beauty of our city, which exhibits in his memory a plate and a bust right at its entrance, at Piazza Bra’s gates.


What else is there to add? If you want to explore Verona and its surroundings, even the less known attraction, we have a lot of informative materials and a great knowledge. Really, there is nothing we don’t know about our fabulous city. We love it deeply and to us this is the most real form of hospitality: convey the passion for our territory to our guests and help them discover it the best way possible.


Un moyen unique et personnalisé pour découvrir tous les secrets de la ville et de la province, directement par qui les vive et les connais depuis toujours. Contact us and let our staff recommend the events and the uniqueness of the area more suited for you: info@novohotelrossi.it | T.  +39 045 56 90 22



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