The love and the attention to the health of our planet have always characterized us. That is why we are very attentive to the waste (and we ask our guests to be as well), to the recycling and to the energy saving.


But our concept of “sustainability” does not stop there. The work ethic and the regard towards the welfare of our staff are fundamental with us. The continuing learning, the motivation and the content of our collaborators are reflected on the guests’ experience. In our opinion, the human one is a real resource. To be cultivated and to grow. For this reason, we have worked together with Verona University for over fifteen years by offering internships, that often turned out to be successful professional collaborations.


To our guests we offer the possibility of the delivery catering service; there is a direct agreement with some restaurants and, among them, we have the privilege to work with a nearby solidarity restaurant, fully managed by people with disabilities assisted by professionals. This is also a way to show that inclusion and adaptability to any kind of requirement are our signature style: everyone is welcome in here.

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