Two thousand years of history and performances characterize the Arena, the city’s most famous monument as well as a must for every tourist coming from all over the world.


It is not difficult to imagine the amphitheater crammed full of people like during the Roman Empire, just close your eyes or experience the exciting atmosphere, which Opera and Shows nights are able to create. The Arena was built in the first half of the 1st century AD, between the end of Augustus reign and Claudio’s one. Third amphitheater in the world, after the Colosseum and Capua’s one, it has an elliptical shape in order to enable a perfect acoustics all over the theatre and to welcome a great audience.


Nowadays in the Arena, take place an exceptional Opera Festival universally recognized, musicals, classical and pop music concerts. Still in summer, Verona offers a rich performances program by the Romanic Theatre and by the city’s historical courtyards. For the most refined melòmanes, during winter season, Verona proposes also an interesting opera, ballet, concerts and prose program by Ristori Theatre and Nuovo Theatre.


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